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As a nonprofit organization, we rely on donations to help empower the girls of FEVER Basketball to become confident leaders both on and off the court. Your support makes a world of difference.

FEVER Basketball, AAU is a certified nonprofit and part of: 


If your company matches nonprofit donations, please consider donating through this site to help increase the impact of your donation.

Dear Friends,


We thank you immensely for considering donating to FEVER Basketball, AAU. Our goal is to build up young ladies in our community through the game of basketball.


We are dedicated to equipping players with the specific basketball skills necessary for continued success on the court: offensive skills such as shooting, driving, finishing and passing as well as individual and team defensive principles that will enable every player to possess the qualities of a great teammate. It is our experience that through the development of these skills, our players can learn important life habits that will also contribute to their success throughout their lives. These include soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, responsibility, punctuality and discipline.

Your donation will support the club's ability to finance scholarships for underprivileged player dues, tournament fees, gym rentals, equipment and coaching stipends.

Once again, we are so grateful for your support. We look forward to sharing all of the exciting news to come from our incredible group of young women.  

Thank you so much!

Anna Sterrett

Director, FEVER Basketball AAU


FEVER Alum and Stanford Women's Basketball Player

"Playing with FEVER has been a true blessing. When choosing a program to further my basketball career, FEVER was a perfect fit for me. Everyday I came to practice and every single coach was invested in not only helping me become a better player, but also a better person. The team culture is one you cannot find anywhere else."
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